Mi-8 MT

Scale: 1/11

Fuselage lenght : 1650mm

Main rotor diameter: 1800-1880mm

Scale Kit of Mi-8 is made for 700-800 mechanics class. Bulkheads are ready for Goblin 700, but can be delivered without cutoffs for different mechanics to fit. Fuselage is almost ready to paint, with all panel lines and rivets out from the molds. Main part of fuselage is fiberglas/balsa sandvich vacuum formed to achieve very strong and light construction. Weight is about 1000 grams.

Basic kit contains : All fuselage parts, glazing and bulkheads.

Options : All windows cutoff, scale landing gear with springs, rims and

               tires, cockpit and detail decals. Steerable or fixed front gear.

               Five blades rotor head MI-8 Edition

              Torque-tube upgrade for Goblin mechanics, intermediate gearbox, tail gearbox                 and accessories

Landing gear